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Meet The Team

Meet Our Team

Veterinarian Team


Dr. Tya Harris | DVM

Veterinarian Team
Dr. Tya Harris is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and a 2007 graduate of Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. She and her husband have lived in the Tampa area since 2014. She has interests in pharmacology and diabetes management. She has 2 cats, Zavannah and Juju. When not working, she enjoys scuba diving and writing.

Allison | Veterinary Assistant

Veterinarian Team

Allison is a Veterinary Assistant at North Tampa Pet Hospital. She discovered her interest in veterinary medicine while volunteering at animal shelters in middle school. She is currently a pre-vet student at the University of South Florida studying cell and molecular biology and psychology.

She hopes to pursue a career as a veterinarian in a small animal practice. Allison has previous experience as an intern with ZooTampa as an Animal Ambassador. When she’s not assisting with the care of your pets, she is caring for her own beloved cat, Suki!


Amber | Veterinary Technician

Veterinarian Team
Amber has always loved animals and plans to one day have her own farm or veterinary clinic. She has 5 pets – 1 dog and 4 cats, with her pets being named Hennessey, Taco, Scarface, Oscar, and Maple. Amber also has one child and likes to make sure everyone is always happy and smiling!

Cheyanne | Veterinary Assistant

Veterinarian Team
Cheyanne got into the veterinary field due to a lifelong passion for animal care and husbandry. Her goal is to ultimately become a veterinary technician and gain experience working with a variety of different species. Some achievements of Cheyanne’s include graduating from the University of South Florida with a 3.7 GPA, gaining an Animal Behavior and Welfare Certification from the University of Edinburgh, and completing an Environmental Justice internship at USF. She has four pets: Cillo, Rango, Gazpacho, and Clairo. One fun fact about her is that all of her pets’ names end in “o.”

Patrick | Client Care Coordinator

Veterinarian Team
Patrick spent his early life alongside a variety of animals. He spends most of his free time playing video games with friends, and tending to his small garden.
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Karyme Gayle | Client Care Coordinator

Veterinarian Team
Hello, my name is Karyme Gayle, but I would prefer to be called Gayle. The reason why I chose Veterinary Medicine is because I’ve always been so interested in animals since I was a kid, not just mainly dogs/cats but also farm animals, and wildlife. I want to be able to help them when something is wrong with them or to just simply learn about them. My main goal would be to finish my degree, set up my own clinic and/or do volunteer veterinary work, especially on spay/neuter drives. For me, my most impressive achievements that are relevant to the Veterinary field would be getting into Veterinary school while also working in the same field volunteering at our local vet office a couple months back and also doing stray feeding every once in a while. I have 2 dogs, one is Nala, Labrador – Aspin (Asong Pinoy, local breed), who I got as a gift for getting into Vet School and Mia, Aspin, (Asong Pinoy, local breed) who I adopted when she was 7 months old. I consider my pet’s my kids/best friends.

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